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Stark Prime

Simple, secure and fingertip method to journal your company resources

Stark Prime is a simple step to manage your company's resources and inventory with exact accuracy. It mainly involves maintenance of the business accounts and the Point of sale(pos). Stark prime provides 43 types of reports and master related panels.


° Simple and easy to use
° journal any time anywhere at your fingertips
° login security
° data security

How to use ?

You can manage your resources at any time. Just add a new account for every resource and list out the items respectively. Your resources can be your inventory, supplier account, creditor's credit account, debtor’s debt, expenditure, income etc. You can add, edit, alter or delete your data as per the need.



A finest app leading to reduce the work pressure of the employees in contrast increase the security services. The admin can track the equipments , vehicles inside and outside the branch of a company with checkout and check-in options .This will ensure the safety and timely delivery of the goods. Since this has multiple access the admin, security and the transport Department can perform their task so that it works systematically. This app is built in such a way that it can be used all over the world. Organized data tracking services, speed of the site paved a unique way.

Making your employees work easier and keeping your equipments safer:

Now let your employees work with your Office equipment and that too without loosing any.